Apples Crave Vanilla

Brand: Arcana Craves

Scent Description: Wild apples and green apples with delicate vanilla, sensual musk, and white amber.

2 thoughts on “Apples Crave Vanilla”

  1. Sapphire Sea is quite on point- it’s a light, sparkling, bright cider. I can’t pick out the other vanilla and musk notes, but I do think they soften the fragrance. There’s the slightest hint of nostalgia and faraway fall for me…the perfume to wear in late summer when you are longing for autumn. It is very light on throw and longevity for me, like a watercolor wash of apple. I do wish it had more oomph because it’s nice. Maybe I am anosmic to this? I will probably use it more as an apple layering note than on its own.

  2. An apple cider-like scent imo, apple cider but with more sweetness. A great perfume for fall and winter.

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