Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: The noble eagle who once carried Jupiter’s thunderbolts now soars over the Summer Triangle. Majestic white sage with ropes of kelp, sea spray, vegan beeswax accord, and water from a cold mountain stream.

3 thoughts on “Aquila”

  1. Concur with McKenna that it smells like salty honey when it’s wet on the skin. It dries down to a strong beeswax with a hint of salt and fresh water, like if you’ve just washed with beeswax-scented soap. Unusual, but pretty in its own way. Arcana’s very much the gold standard for aquatics.

  2. Oh god when wet it’s so nasty. Like really salty honey. I was worried this would be a tragic purchase, but luckily it toned down in a couple minutes to more of a bracing seawater and white sage kind of thing. Low throw and longevity.

  3. You could think of this as a sister scent to the Kraken and could make a respectable trio with Solstice Scents Sea of Grey.
    Fresh, clear mountain stream up front, lots of the same vanilla as the Kraken, hints of the sea from the kelp and an excellent beeswax/honey dry down. Very long lasting for a perfume of its type. I suspect that this would be amazing layered with either of the aforementioned scents.

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