Ezrulie’s Soft Kiss

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Sweet, vain, flirtatious Erzulie Freda is the luxe Loa of beauty, sensuality, love, and pleasure. Ripe pink strawberries smeared with honey and bee pollen.

3 thoughts on “Ezrulie’s Soft Kiss”

  1. The combo of powdery honey and sweet strawberries very much gives me that “baby doll head” vibe, but a little bit more gourmand. Maybe is you smeared a tiny bit of strawberry jam on the top of the baby’s head?

  2. Erzulie’s Soft Kiss definitely smells like an overly ripe, almost mushy, strawberry in the bottle. However the dry down gets rid of the over ripe note (which I was grateful for) and it settles into a ripe, tender strawberry with floaty bee pollen and slight honey. It doesn’t have the “presence” I normally expect from Arcana, by which I mean, the sillage is not super strong. The longevity is great though (12+ hours).

  3. Beautiful, creamy, honeyed strawberries. Very feminine and sweet. The honey in this is very addictive and delicious and I find that I’m not usually a fan of honey in perfume. The Strawberries are very sweet – I find they’re also realistic.. perhaps like sugar covered strawberries about to be baked into a dessert. I wore this all summer when I first bought it and will probably wear it all summer again when the season comes again.

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