Her coal black hair

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Blackened oudh, dry sandalwood, a drop of orris, and a faint memory of violet perfume.

1 thought on “Her coal black hair”

  1. I got a fuzzy, perfumey violet musk with dry iris and sandalwood. The overall impression was something skinlike, fuzzy, musky, soft. It reminded me a little of Glossier You in terms of how soft, musky and skinlike it is while still retaining a lot of femininity from the sweet violet note. HOWEVER. I didn’t mention the oudh – unfortunately, on my skin (that tends to amp smoke), this completely took over and I got mostly acrid smoke over the top of the gorgeous violet blend. If your skin handles smoke a bit better, this might be a beautiful understated skin scent or a dark violet one. Longevity: N/A scrubbed off. Throw: medium to high.

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