Marshmallows Scatter!

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Dry vanilla musk and light marshmallows are showered with pale pink sakura petals, tropical orange flowers, and Tahitian tiare blossoms.

5 thoughts on “Marshmallows Scatter!”

  1. In the wet phase, floral cherry blossom shampoo with a hint of fresh start spring breezes. On the skin it blooms very floral soapy, like a bubble bath in a garden of petals and a pink satin kimono after. Best is the drydown: a soft, ethereal powder (like expensive makeup, or a new doll, or… marshmallows) …the soapy floral quite gone, and a ghost of a spring evening, with a pink moon. So dreamy and pretty.

  2. Smells like bright, fizzy pink petals. I get a bit of orange too. Sometimes there’s a hint of puffiness (marshmallow?) but the marshmallow and vanilla haven’t made an appearance yet. This is so pink, girly, and summery. I love it <3

  3. Very, very pink. Quite unbelievably pink, actually. The epitome of a ‘sweet’ floral. The first sniff is a colossal hit of sakura and tiare, almost a punch in the face of pink and white petals, followed by a very airy, dry, powdery white marshmallow and musky vanilla, which lies on top of the flowers and intensifies their natural perfumed sweetness. It’s nice, but it’s very, very sweet. Almost too sweet.

  4. Definitely strong, definitely a ‘pink’ or white fluffy smelling perfume! Fuzzy and fluffy and sugary, reminds me of DE’s Alyssum House. The fluffy orange blossom is what I notice first, and the other floral notes are present but mostly enveloped by a sugary vanilla musk. Extremely feminine and candied with a fluffy muskiness that reminds me of a ballerina’s tutu.

  5. Almost overpoweringly pink smelling. The strongest note is definitely the sakura petals, with amazing throw to the point where a coworker 6 feet away asked me what perfume I had that was so strong. After some time passes, the marshmallow and vanilla musk make their appearance, adding on a powdered sugar feel. An almost gourmand floral.

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