Strawberries Crave Ice Cream

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Pink strawberries are crushed with Mexican vanilla beans and blended into vegan accords of fresh milk, sugar, and cream.

3 thoughts on “Strawberries Crave Ice Cream”

  1. It was very artificial before it fully dried down – Then, it becomes more of a soft strawberry milk. This is the kind of strawberry milk you make yourself, not the overly-sweet kind you buy already made. It’s soft and creamy, with just a little bit of sugar. I like it, though I don’t think I’d ever need more than my sample.

  2. I have issues with vanillas and Arcana strawberries sometimes but both of them work for me here. Weirdly, instead of smelling like ice cream to me, this smells exactly like strawberries-and-cream dry oatmeal packets. (Peaches Crave Vanilla smelled like the peaches-and-cream version, so I think it’s something about the milk/sugar/fruit combo.)

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