Chocolate Opal

Brand: Arcana Wildcraft

Scent Description: This burnished stone filled with mysterious reflections is used to bring mindfulness, healing and psychic visions. White chocolate, fizzy raspberry soda, German cocoa CO2 extract, marshmallows and a sliver of young spruce.

Released: B. Perry Studios Collaboration

1 thought on “Chocolate Opal”

  1. This is potent! I can smell it through my clothes and for a very long time. The initial smell is immediately a red Tootsie Pop. Sniffing closer after 10-15 minutes, it’s not as overt but is still a very sweet and sour candied raspberry with a marshmallow-y cocoa. After 10 hours, I can definitely see the spruce and fizz – it’s lightly bubbly with a slight sticky freshness. I’m very sensitive to chocolate and fruit, so I don’t think I could wear this again, but it’s super pleasant and fun!

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