Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: The lady warrior. Sweet, jammy fir absolute with 3 honeys, honeysuckle, tiny strawberries, and blood orange.

2 thoughts on “Bellatrix”

  1. On me this is a bright, fresh strawberry with honey and a bit of orange, that is being eaten outside in the forest on a clear day. It reminds me so much of picnics in the summer in my native Pacific Northwest. Despite the notes including “tiny strawberries” I would say this scent is strawberry-dominated. The fur note does not smell like a pine tree, it just gives the scent an outdoorsy sort of feel.

  2. It may be the only time I’ve not disliked a strawberry scented perfume. The strawberries are pretty strong in this one, and rather sweet smelling. Something about the strawberries smells okay (a bit boozy maybe somehow?) though I probably won’t look for a full size of anything for this one. The honeysuckle is nice too, and probably the only other thing I can really smell here. There is a bit of sweetness (probably from the honey). It’s a bit sweeter than I typically like, so I’m glad I only have a sniffie of it.

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