Blood & Circuses

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: The monstrously sweet scent of clowns gone wrong. An outlandish, carnivalic mix of white pancake makeup accord, pink cotton candy, and the salty sugariness of warm kettle corn.

2 thoughts on “Blood & Circuses”

  1. Okay, this is weird because I’m absolutely delighted by this scent! Normally I avoid kettle corn notes because I’ve had perfumes from other brands where their popcorn notes wind up smelling like cooking oil on me (and if you got greasy skin/hair like I do, you wind up feeling VERY self-conscious), but I managed to find a decant and oh my gosh it smells delicious!

    Like, when I first put it on–the first thing I smell was a paste-like smell that reminds me of vintage ‘beauty creams’ (like Bella Aurora. except without the rose parfum). But it’s combined with a light and frothy cotton-candy note and buttery popcorn that doesn’t smell greasy (it’s like someone used Kernel Season’s butter flakes on this kettle corn note.). Maybe it’s because I was assuming the worst with this scent, but I feel that this is great for cosplaying. I do agree though that this is definitely not recommendable for folks that don’t like chemical/paint smells (I mean, I’m fine with this because it evokes a nostalgia of 1980s beauty creams) so approach this scent carefully–but definitely try it since the candy and kettle corn note is amazing.

  2. This was “clowns gone wrong” on me. The makeup note went weird on me and smelled like chemicals or paint or something. Instant headache for me.

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