Blueberries Crave Cocoa

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Fresh blueberries with our Hot Cocoa accord (a rich cocoa CO2 infusion melds with the finest dark chocolate and a mug full of fluffy white marshmallows).

3 thoughts on “Blueberries Crave Cocoa”

  1. So, I have to say that my bottle is from January 2018, which granted the scent over two years of rest. Given that it smelled pretty awful a week after receiving it: resting helped a lot!

    In the bottle it is fruity cocoa. Like super rich chocolate and there’s a bowl of fruits right next to it. Wet on skin, it is still very rich hot cocoa (Reminds me a lot of an old Yankee Candle, which I used to own and smelled like chocolate cake.). Upon drying down, the blueberries make an appearance. While the blueberries are sweet-ish, I would consider them more tart than overripe sweet. There’s something light and sweet in the background, which I can’t pinpoint but I consider I smell the marshmallows.

  2. The blueberries are strong & they do dominate for quite a time but the cocoa comes through & it’s delicious. I probably prefer the strawberry one but happy to have this in my collection too.

  3. On initial application and in the bottle, this smells like rich hot cocoa where the marshmallows have all melted in and made it slightly creamy. When it dries down fresh blueberries are revealed. With wear the it becomes more tart, like a very dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa kind of tart. And the smell of firm, not unripe but not squishy ripe blueberries.

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