Bonfires at Dusk

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Woodsmoke, sweet beeswax, Oregon lavender, sandalwood, charred juniper, and the scent of swiftly appearing stars.

7 thoughts on “Bonfires at Dusk”

  1. This smells very similar to Solstice Scents Smokewood Apiary but where Smokewood Apiary starts off with incense Bonfires at Dusk starts off sweet. I am not sure which I prefer, tbh. I don’t really get any lavender out of this but maybe some sandalwood. Mostly it’s beeswax and woodsmoke goodness.

  2. This is mostly green, fresh juniper scent on my skin that both refreshes and calms my senses. It starts out as a strong accord of juniper and herbal lavender, backed by piles of charred wood. Later the sandalwood to peak through, warming the scent as a whole to some extent. The beeswax is very faint, I believe it’s mostly there to support the wood notes.

  3. A beautiful and realistic campfire scent, extremely comforting and uplifting- I love to wear this before bedtime. The Juniper and creamy beeswax in this perfume is out of this world. One of my favorites of all time!

  4. Comforting, meditative, serene, this has such a realistic beeswax scent with an herbaceous and medicinal lavender, soft incensey sandalwood, green juniper buds and branches, and cozy woodsmoke swirling out of a nighttime campfire.

  5. To me this is a dry, smokey, very herbal lavender scent. It reminds me of lavender incense. I can’t detect any beeswax at all. I also found it to be quite a bit stronger than most other Arcana scents I own, so use sparingly! That woodsmoke note is powerful.

  6. Strong, herbal lavender on application, fades as the Woodsmoke comes out. Stays “HOLY WOW FIRE” for awhile, then settles down to a lovely herbal lavender with bonfire smoke (this is definitely a raging bonfire out in the country somewhere, not a polite little fireplace). This scent has a ton of throw and lasts quite a long time as well. This is a strong scent, but still very calming and comforting for me.

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