Breakfast in Hollywood

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Juicy pink grapefruit shimmies up against a bevy of California citrus fruits, sparkling champagne and ripe strawberries. The indulgent essence of breakfast with a screen goddess.

7 thoughts on “Breakfast in Hollywood”

  1. The brightest grapefruit and orange, like freshly peeled skins with pith, plus a hint of bubbly effervescence – an artisanal mimosa. Develops a pleasant soapiness with wear. Good longevity and sillage.

  2. This is very sweet and tart grapefruit with a hint of the tiniest strawberries. I’d assumed the champagne would be more effervescent, but something is smelling a little more heavy and musky to my nose. Imagining a “perfumey” grapefruit would probably be similar to this.

  3. Agree with the other comments – a fresh, straightforward, and linear grapefruit mimosa. Lasting power is pretty good for such an effervescent scent (~4-5). Leans towards being a bit soapy, but doesn’t go full dish soap on me.

  4. Smells like a mimosa with a touch of grapefruit. Theres a soapy background that gets stronger as time goes on. It becomes a strong soapy orange scent.. I wasn’t sure if I really liked the combination, I love citrus scents but the soap was really strong to me. I’ll let this rest longer and try it out more.

  5. This is a straightforward grapefruit/champagne smell with a bit of berries. It smells more fizzy than boozy. Bright and sparkling! I am a huge fan of it for days when I want something fresh and fun.

  6. Fresh and effervescent–smells just like a grapefruit mimosa. It’s fairly linear, and has pretty good lasting power for a citrus heavy perfume–around 5 hours.

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