Chocolate Caramel

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Pure lusciousness. Cocoa CO2 extract and vanilla beans are infused into Caramel (rich toffee, sticky maple, sugar cane, and Tonka bean absolute).

1 thought on “Chocolate Caramel”

  1. Sniffing at the bottle just reveals maple and vanilla beans. The first seconds wet on skin are also the vanilla beans (extra sweet, I guess it’s the sugar cane). The caramel follows quickly and – like all Amber Caramel etc – it is a maple and burnt toffee scent on me. I like the maple part but I could do without the burnt toffee. Rather interesting is the fact that I don’t smell any chocolate, which surprises me because Arcana’s chocolate scents are normally rather heavy scented on me. I might smell like a Yankee Candle, but it is a chocolate one. With Chocolate Caramel, I just smell like caramel.

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