Brand: Arcana Wildcraft

Scent Description: Green cucumber, coconut milk, sun-baked bergamot, and Barbados sugar.

Released: Cocos Nucifera

2 thoughts on “Frisk”

  1. Frisk begins as a milky coconut and fresh wet cucumber. It’s as cool and wet as an outdoor shower after the beach. I wish this wetwwet cucumber would last forever, but it dries into a deep dark sugar. Some rum after the shower, hair wet down my back, the warm beachy breeze.
    This is a heavenly summer scent.

  2. This perfume is beautifully light. I am testing it in December but it’s a perfect summer scent. I have never tried a true to life cucumber scent (just those Bath and Body Works headache inducing cucumber scents) but I really like it.

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