Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: A flirty blend of honeyed strawberries, pink cotton candy, Tahitian vanilla, French cognac absolute, and balsam of Peru.

5 thoughts on “Coquette”

  1. It started out as very strong strawberry cotton candy with a ton of sweetness. I still get a lot of that, but it seems deeper and more sensual as it’s been eight hours or so. There is a richer note that I assume is honey, and the evergreen is incredibly faint but a little complex.

  2. A friend gave me a decant of this, and I hate her for doing so because I can’t find it anywhere and it’s AMAZING. Bright, fresh, sweet, fruity, all the things a summer perfume should be. Smells like a smoothie.

  3. Sooo deliciously fruity and sweet, perfect for any sugar lover or strawberry fiend. The hint of balsam gives it the faintest green note and the cognac makes it a little more than just straight sugar.

  4. Coquette smells like a summery, strawberry slushie. It’s so tempting to just take a sip of this right of the bottle, that’s how tasty it smells. Bright and fresh with just a bit of honeyed vanilla to stop it from becoming too sweet.

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