Fancy Boy

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: So indulged! A slice of warm bread smothered in golden honey, white chocolate, almond bits, and rich vanilla.

6 thoughts on “Fancy Boy”

  1. Starts off as very strong almond. After hours it becomes a white chocolate honey scent. Reminds me in general of Isolde, but Fancy Boy doesn’t have Isolde’s throw. It’s extremely gourmand and foody, so you’ve to love such scents to like this one. My mom might have found a new winner for “your worst perfume ever” (so far it was Witches Drawn Down the Moon); you see there’s a theme with my mom – she hates heavy foody perfumes.

  2. To me this is all honey, white chocolate, and almond. I don’t get any toast at all. Very sweet and foody. Also very warm. The honey is indeed golden, it doesn’t have a floral or heady quality at all. Arcana’s almond is sharp and very powerful at first but mellows after dry down, so if you dislike almond this probably isn’t a good choice for you.

  3. Warm white chocolate and almond pastry with a hint of boozy vanilla. So rich it probably owns a private island. Gets “you smell amazing!” and “did someone bring cake?” comments from my co-workers.

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