Filthy Viking

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Between the sea voyages and the pillaging, it must have been difficult for Odin’s henchman to stay fresh. Too bad they didn’t have this ferocious blend of scents from the Viking world: bracing Norwegian juniper, frigid Icelandic mint and the hardy wood of a longship.

5 thoughts on “Filthy Viking”

  1. This opens with a rush of bracing, sinus-clearing mint then dries down to worn, dry wood. A little of that juniper to lend a hint of green. This isn’t a freshie; it is a wood scent. All in all, it doesn’t sound like much, but there is something magnetic about this perfume.

  2. This is literally one of my favorite perfumes. Ever. When I first had it, it did smell like old, smoothed-down wood and cold pond ice. But as it gradually ‘settled’ from its trip through the post service, it smells like amazing juniper berries, crisp foliage, mint, and a slab of old dark wood.

    Seriously, this is a bracing yet *juicy* forest scent. I like it so much that I use up a bottle every year (and it’s very refreshing during the summer months–I used to commute everyday through sauna-hot subway systems just to get to work, and that perfume really helps in keeping cool and refreshed during the commute). Seriously, you gotta try this if you like foresty scents!

  3. Started off like Icy-Hot in a pool locker room, then dried down to something a bit more pleasant. Still, much too masculine for me. Would be extremely sexy on a guy, though.

  4. Mint and juniper definitely but greater than the sum of its parts. I didn’t think mint in a fragrance would work for me but this really does. It definitely has a Nordic air. The longevity it really good.

    If you like this and would like to try something in a similar vein but not identical, Love Amongst the Snow Dunes from Possets would be a solid choice.

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