Forest Witch

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: An offshoot of Green Witchcraft. Outdoor spellcasting and supernatural connections with ancient tree spirits, wild animals, Mother Nature, and the primordial, forest-dwelling Fae Folk. Blood cedarwood, wildcrafted fir needles, organic black spruce, cypress, pine, juniper berry, and the soft sweetness of tonka bean absolute.

5 thoughts on “Forest Witch”

  1. Man, I need to stop buying ‘woodsy’ perfumes because I’ve just learned that no matter what, I amp the *hell* out of cedar.

    Whenever I try this on, I get a touch of fir needles, dark glossy vanilla…and then CEDAR CEDAR CEDAR! I wind up smelling like straight-up wood throughout the day (and it bums me out because I want to smell like a ~forest~ and that awesome ~juniper~ note that Arcana does. But sadly I just smell like a lumber yard all day with Forest Witch).

  2. Kouros takes a walk in a conifer forest and cleans up its act. This is all that is truly great about YSL Kouros minus the skanky bits that offend—not me though—and with a hefty dose of dark, realistic conifers. I would die happy if I drowned in this.

  3. I don’t wear a lot of forest smells, but I think people would like this one if they like a realistic evergreen. It’s sharp pine and maybe a little bit of juniper and sap. It’s not what I lean toward, but it’s nice and very well-blended.

  4. This is pine, through and through – powerful, heady, sharp, almost a little medicinal. I thought from the notes (tonka especially) that this might be a bit sweeter, but Forest Witch is a fairly unisex cedar-based forest blend that pulls no punches. The tonka is probably just tempering any astringency, such that this fragrance beautifully captures the ‘dark woods’ feel and doesn’t veer into cleaning product territory. I would note that this perfume smoothed out a lot with a fair bit of resting, and though I don’t usually believe in buying perfumes to appreciate them in their rested state, this may be one that benefits from a few months forgotten.

    It’s really comforting on a rainy day, and I think it’s quite unique in my collection (different or sure to other jammy or sugared pine accords from Arcana), but this is definitely one for those who appreciate hyper-realistic scents. Fortunately, I am one of those! Medium throw, longevity 4-5 hours.

  5. In the bottle I get the sweet pine and juniper and plenty of Tonka, but something sharp follows that stings my nose a bit. I’m not sure if it’s the fir needles or spruce, but it was a bit too harsh for me. Lovers of realistic forest notes might really like this one.

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