Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: This Manx water horse nicely offers rides, then drags his victims under the waves forever.
Astringent black tea, oats, ginger, sea water, and bee pollen.

1 thought on “Glashtin”

  1. Surprisingly subtle for an Arcana perfume (which usually punch me right in the face and keep on punching for many hours). OOB it’s a vaguely spicy oat scent overlying something tannic and floral. I can never find a black tea that actually smells like black tea, but Arcana’s note is at least genuinely astringent and interesting. Dries down pretty quickly into an oddly dry black tea with salt, a smidge of warmth from the ginger, and something I would swear was honey if any was supposed to be in this blend. Reads a little bit tropical, tbh.

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