Golden Apple

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: A perfect, crisp, non-spicy apple is gilded with brown sugar, warm cardamom, and organic vetiver.

1 thought on “Golden Apple”

  1. in bottle | The first sniff is the lovely scent of apples. The second sniff is pure cardamom. No trace of sugar or vetiver.

    wet on skin | Cardamom and more cardamom. Have I mentioned cardamom? Seriously, it is insane!

    dry on skin | And it continues with cardamom. It is such a strong one! At the end of the first hour you can smell a trace of apple but it is very faint. (It’s basically “HEY! I’M CARDAMOM, NICE TO MEET YOU!!!!” – “Oh hello, I’m -” “HOW ARE YOU? HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I’M NAMED CARDAMOM?!” – I’m sorry but it’s really like this within the first hour.) There’s a lingered trace of vetiver but it’s so faint that it’s difficult to spot. The cardamom takes a break in the second hour so it’s time for the apple to appear and it appears together with the brown sugar. Vetiver just left the party. Unfortunately cardamom reappears afterwards again and overpowers the apple scent. It doesn’t change much afterwards and just gets a bit sweeter while the apple becomes sharper but the cardamom stays.

    final thoughts | It is not my favourite perfume from the collection. You really need to love cardamom for it and I don’t (smell-wise and in food). The apple appears too late and it’s not my favourite kind of apple scent.

    short & sweet | A warm autumn/winter perfume but you need to love cardamom and crisp apples (not the sweet Pink Lady ones).

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