In The Pink

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: The essence of glowing good health. Moroccan rose absolute, Immortelle absolute, creamy lavender, pink gardenia, pink carnation, and soft pink amber.

1 thought on “In The Pink”

  1. Opens with a bouquet of gorgeous, glowing rose and gardenia – fluffy and pillowy. It gets more spicy and herbal as it dries down, and the lavender makes itself known alongside the star of the show – carnation. The other florals fade as the day goes on to leave a warm, spicy carnation scent behind, accentuated by lavender and warm amber. It’s surprisingly comforting, although carnation tends to turn biscuit-like on my skin, and that is unfortunately the fate of this blend after a few hours. I think carnation-lovers would like this, and it may not be too much for floral-haters – the initial florals are pillowy, soft, and pink, but don’t stick around for too long. 6+ hours longevity, not too linear, medium throw.

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