Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Splendid, dazzling devotion. A breathtaking vanilla accord is accompanied by fresh cream, sugarcane, soft musk, and a pinch of tea leaves.

3 thoughts on “Love”

  1. Wet in the bottle, Love is very creamy and lightly vanilla. On my skin, it begins with a very sweet milky scent that gets more astringent with dry-down into the tea leaves. After a couple of hours, Love smells like a very milky black tea, very reminiscent of milk teas from boba shops. Surprisingly this scent does not go sour on me, even though I have tried other milky scents that do so. Throw is quite strong and lasts for about 6 hours on me. I’d recommend this for anyone who enjoys smelling like melted ice cream and tea.

  2. On my skin this is a very sweet milky scent, almost bordering on yeasty. It starts out very, very strong and then mellows out to a vanilla and skin musk scent. All notes are present except the tea leaves, which I cannot detect on myself or on anyone else who’s tried this for me. While I do not like it one of my friends says she finds it extremely comforting. If you like Arcana’s cream scents you will probably like this one.

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