Marshmallows Pounce!

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Marshmallows with brown sugar, sweet peaches, and white tea.

4 thoughts on “Marshmallows Pounce!”

  1. The combo of white tea and brown sugar doesn’t work for me, smells slightly medicinal. I don’t get very much peach.

  2. Nice. Actually, rather nice. Pleasant, sweet, comfortable, feel good. I pretty much can’t complain at all. I get the tea, very strong and fragrant, slightly herbal, almost savoury, and then some powdery marshmallow, but this is a nice, gentle, sugary, floaty kind of powdery and it’s lovely and fitting, and then touched by a hint of barely-ripe, slightly floral peach which is fruity and fresh but not actually all that sweet. It smells like a light peach apricot pink colour. It’s actually rather lovely and delicate and unusual. Nowhere near as gourmand as I suspected, and actually all the better for it. A surprise hit.

  3. This was not for me. I barely found any sweetness in it, it was mostly bitter with a hint of peach. Maybe that’s the brown sugar mixed with the tea? It was a scrubber for me.

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