Nocturnal Witch

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: For those who like the quiet softness of the night and conduct their rituals in synchronicity with the glowing moon. Midnight sorcery, dark familiars, owls, tenebrous spirits, and black cats. A warm mix of Moroccan rose absolute, organic Egyptian geranium, worn black leather, shadowy incense, dark musk, red musk, Indonesian clove, and dusky oudh.

1 thought on “Nocturnal Witch”

  1. This opened with bombastic florals, spicy geranium competing with powdery rose, but ultimately fell on my skin to the dual acrid powers of red musk and strong oud. Unfortunately, I found that the base notes of oud and red musk amped on my skin to produce an acrid, at times almost faecal aroma, and I didn’t experience enough balance with the florals for it to be personally enjoyable. Lovers of powerful, skanky, indolic oud would probably adore this perfume!

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