Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Thick vanilla syrup, golden musk, black musk, kyphi, and spikenard.

2 thoughts on “Odalisque”

  1. This is such a classic fragrance, to my nose; it smells like something my grandmother would’ve worn. It smells rich; like cashmere sweaters and long fur coats; pearls and delicately scented face powder. I can’t pick out any of the listed notes on their own, but it blends to this beautifully rich, sweet, creamy fragrance. Longevity is good, and sillage is excellent.

  2. Opens with intensely sweet vanilla that quickly takes a backseat to the incensey elements, contributing instead to the creamy projection together with the musks. Kyphi is pretty strong in this one, reading sharp, boozy and lightly smoky; perhaps too medicinal and astringent when smelled up close, but does mellow as it dries, and is further tempered by the dry, woody undercurrent from the spikenard.

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