Peaches Crave Vanilla

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Sugared peach, glorious vanilla, marshmallows, sweet milk, and sheer musk.

8 thoughts on “Peaches Crave Vanilla”

  1. Peaches, oatmeal and milk and some kind of soft skin scent. It’s nice enough. The creamy milky note can be a little iffy and can lean too rich, but I don’t get any sourness. The peaches aren’t fresh, they’re syrupy and stewed and sweet, but they’re nice. The oaty, milky, cakey, soft beige-white base is soft, feathery and pretty, but ultimately overwhelms everything and it dies down very quickly to something too soft and skin-like to be easily detected. Nice, but not a safe blind buy because of the sweet peaches and cream/milk notes, and it fades far too quick.

  2. This is definitely like Quakers Instant peaches and cream oatmeal- it reminds me of growing up and brings on a comforting feeling- I like wearing this to bed. I probably wouldn’t wear it around others but it’s great for the nostalgic factor!

  3. Instant Peaches and Cream oatmeal. Really nice scent all things considered, unless you don’t want to smell like cheap breakfast.

  4. i think that cream/milk scents don’t work well with my skin, but this smelled TERRIBLE once i put it on myself. immediately smelled spoiled, and i ended up having to scrub it off. unfortunate, because i couldn’t get a single whiff of peach through the milk note.

  5. This smells like a creamy peach dessert, like peaches in some sort of creamy condensed milk custard, with a side of ice cream. It has been giving me sugar cravings all day lol. It’s light enough that it might also work well layered with another fragrance. This makes me want to try more of the craves. Also really good wear time and sillage.

  6. Creamy musky vanilla mixed in with the ripest peach ever. The vanilla reminds me a lot of NAVA’s Crystalline when dried down.

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