Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Neroli petals dripping with honey, bee nectar, warm musk, and pearl musk.

3 thoughts on “Qedesha”

  1. Not sure if it’s due to the sample being over three years old, but I mostly get honey and musk from this; the powderiness fades with time but the sweetness does not. Neroli is briefly detectable as it dries down, reading tart and aromatic with greener facets before being masked by cloying honey. The drydown is almost identical to SS Pharaoh, but a touch softer and warmer instead of resinous and dry.

  2. A blast of neroli upon first application and it settles down into something that reminds me of orange blossom honey. This unfortunately did not work for me because after the short stint in the honey stage, it quickly becomes baby powder and triggered a headache.

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