1 thought on “Red Lipstick”

  1. A clean, make-up scent, adult, lady, kind of chic, not sweet. There is a metallic little bite to it, almost bitter, like the smell of a new dollar bill. Most of Arcana’ layering notes I tend to wear on their own, but this one I really do use to layer with soliflore scents to cut the sweetness and add some depth. Lately I enjoy it with Arcana’ Soft Violet.

    *Interesting side note: when this came in the mail, I thought it was the most fascinatingly terrible scent. The metal was sour, the rest was musty, like a suitcase that’s been closed since 1965. It changed in resting, which took a month, and softens even more from the bottle to my skin. I wonder if anyone else had that experience.

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