Schnaps mit Krampus

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description:

While Santa Claus leaves his comfortable home at the North Pole only once a year, Krampus is a traveler, a vagrant, an unwelcome transient who picks up his mail in Hell. Sure, Santa lets him tag along in the sleigh, but while Santa is munching down cookies and basking in love, what does Krampus get? Fear and scorn. No wonder he’s so miffed!

Schnaps mit Krampus: If Krampus comes to your house, you’d best pass him the bottle. A boozy, rummy blend of apple, tangerine, and pear schnaps over woodsmoke, labdanum, and a hint of Arcana’s Growl blend.

1 thought on “Schnaps mit Krampus”

  1. It’s like a cooked orange and pear and spices, like maybe a holiday drink or hot cider. It’s very warm. There does seem to be a hint of something else, though I can’t quite place what it is. Looking at the notes, it’s probably the booze I’m smelling – It doesn’t have much weight but does add something a little different to the blend. I don’t get smoke, thankfully, but it is a little bit like potpourri like one other review mentioned. I don’t want to wear it but will probably find a way to scent my house like this for winter.

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