Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: The Chinook version of Bigfoot. A Northwest blend of fir needle oil, juniper, hemlock, rain, tiny wildflowers, strawberries, and a pinch of cool earth.

3 thoughts on “Skookum”

  1. My hometown has a decades-old Super Fancy Toiletries store that I’ve loved since I was a child. It’s always smelled the same, this mix of slightly fruity bath beads, arnica oil, and good soap. Skookum instantly transports me back to that shop. Very wearable fragrance that is clean and fresh in an organic way, without smelling like laundry detergent or room spray.

  2. I always reach out for scents with notes of evergreens and earth but they end up being “meh” or too masculine for me. The strawberry is more dominant than I expected but lends this a fruity sweetness that balances everything out. Love it!

  3. Posted this before but it didn’t allow the comment through, so re-posting – apologies if this duplicates.

    This is a cool, wet scent that features prominent unsweet strawberry and earthy pine. If this scent was a colour, it would be a deep blue-green. This perfume is wet-smelling, floral around the edges, and shares similarities with Strawberries Crave Waterfalls. I find the strawberry less sweet, the wetness more convincing, and the earthy pine more prominent in Skookum. Berry scents can sometimes be overly synthetic and sweet, but this one is tempered by cool earthy pine enough to be rather pretty. It’s like sitting on the forest floor. Longevity 5 hours, medium throw.

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