Strawberries Crave Nyx

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Drunken honey, lavender-laced mallow, soft amber, night musk, and hints of strawberry and nectarine.

4 thoughts on “Strawberries Crave Nyx”

  1. I was nervous about this one because I hate lavender, but this is NOT a soapy lavender, its more musky amber and booze and deep honey plus something that escapes description. I keep seeing this described in other reviews as a pretty and sweet lavender marshmallow scent and it doesn’t feel like that at all to me. If I do pick up the marshmallow, it’s less “Jet-Puffed” and more like the less sweet old-fashioned homemade kind. I don’t pick up the strawberry and nectarine as individual notes. For some reason it reminds me of burning palo santo and I’m not sure why. Overall, the musk and honey are the stars of the show. It’s really lush and a bit salty, like a dark summer night.

    Holy wow this is an interesting fragrance, it’s mysterious and intriguing. It’s not necessarily “my favorite smell” but it’s just so interesting TO smell. It’s like nothing else in my collection

  2. This is lovely! It’s a sweet lavender, not the bedtime kind, with honey and strawberry as the most apparent notes to my nose. A sweet floral that I think is quite non-offensive to those around me. The longevity is very strong! Lasted til after I finished an 8 hour shift during which I washed the dishes several times.

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