Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Sweet lemon cakes, fluffy coconut frosting, and a dash of bergamot.

4 thoughts on “Tart”

  1. My goodness I love this! Lemon cake and realistic coconut, not too similar to Solstice Scents Chiffon to me because that’s much more cleanser lemon and not cakey lemon

  2. Agree with the above poster, similar to Chiffon for sure. Very sweet and tart. Not something that I would like to wear, but I could see big fans of gourmands enjoying this.

  3. Wet: Simply, a delicious lemon cake. Dry: Lemon cake and powdered sugar (like dipping your nose right in a bag) with a base of coconut. High sillage, and the lasting power is pretty amazing on me–around 12 hours. Slept it this perfume and could still smell coconut in the morning. Similar to Solstice Scent’s Chiffon, but richer and sweeter.

  4. Tart really is tart. The lemon and bergamot are strong top notes with a gentle base of coconut and something creamy. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t anything special to me. I ended up destashing this scent.

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