Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: A pure woman, faithfully presented. Rustic violets, fresh cream, amber, vanilla bean, and soft, milky musk.

9 thoughts on “Tess”

  1. I’ve worn this a few times and it’s really hit or miss. Positive: this violet note is awesome, and I love it with the musky vanilla. Negative (for me): all but one time I’ve worn this, it turns into a warm freshly baked bread smell. I guess it’s the milky musk and/ or cream notes. It’s not a bad smell but I have found I don’t really like *smelling like* fresh bread. Not really a fan, glad all I paid for was a decant. I noticed other commenters compared this to Solstice Scents Violet Mallow, which is one of my favorite perfumes. Personally I don’t find them very similar, but everyone’s chemistry is different.

  2. I absolutely love this! To me, it’s very different from Solstice Scents’ Violet Mallow. Violet Mallow is a very gourmand violet with marshmallow, and Tess is a more floral/powdery violet with cream. Great longevity, peaceful and calming. Can’t wait to get a full size.

  3. 90% violets, 10% cream on me. I like it, but hope the vanilla will come out more with aging. As of now it’s almost a violet one note.

  4. as much as i wanted this to work on me, the cream note smelled awful. it overpowers everything else and smells like spoiled milk.

    1. I had the same reaction to this. Something about the violets and cream made it smell rather spoiled to me. A bit plasticky as well. Wasn’t a fan.

  5. Cream scent smelled like spoiled milk to me – the “milky” musk only amped that sensation. A scrubber for me.

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