The Kraken

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description:┬áThere’s a Kraken in the Celtic Sea? Of course! There’s a Kraken in every sea. Gorgeous smoked vanilla, black vanilla, saltwater, China musk, and black musk.

5 thoughts on “The Kraken”

  1. A very unique approach to vanilla to say the least. There is a powdery musk in it that is common in old school Oriental perfumes – usually referred to as China or pearl musk. It’s very ‘white’ and surprisingly hard to ignore. The vanilla (a little smoky, not at all cloying despite it’s OOMPH factor) is blended with it expertly. IMO the saltwater is both the standout and most divisive note in this. It’s very sweet and true-to-form sea salt, but with an almost skin musk quality lurking underneath that can totally read as “sweaty people fresh from the lake”. I have no idea what to make of the first hour or so of this, though I absolutely adore the salty sweet skin scent that it turns into for the next 5.

  2. I absolutely love this fragrance. I am really not good with aquatics in general, because they go too sharp or floral on me, but this one is great. The smoke from the vanilla is extremely heavy and balances it out which may be overkill for some, but since I like being aware of the perfumes I wear, it’s perfect for me. An hour or so in settles into a very skin-close bodied vanilla, with a salty tinge to it. It is pretty musky, but again, I wear it fine because the vanilla is amped up and keeps it from feeling too much like body odor.

  3. This is a sweet and salty vanilla, with a ton of musk in the back. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, but it’s quite easy to see the connection to the sea, and quite badass. I’m not really into the salty aspect so it’s not for me, but I can definitely see why others like it as it’s very well made.

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