Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Deep and grounded, yet infused with air and sunlight. Jammy fir absolute with sugared pine, earthy black spruce, Canadian fir needle, and a touch of Atlas cedarwood.

4 thoughts on “Trees”

  1. If you crave a nice pine/ every green scent this is it. It’s beautiful – I live in the PNW and this smells like I’m frolicking around the forest and playing with the needles and rolling them in between my fingers (like I normally do) awesome! Fades into a nice calming soft pine.

  2. This scent is a true-to-life forest, tree scent. As the other reviews say, it’s realistic. I also find that it lasts the entire day on my skin and is fairly linear.

  3. A nice and realistic evergreen. I don’t gravitate toward smelling like a forest, but it is comforting and reminds me of the real thing.

  4. Possibly my FAVOURITE evergreen perfume (and I have quite a few). It’s reminiscent of the evergreen notes in Glittering Green.

    This is like rubbing some forest branches between your fingers and inhaling the bright, terpenic goodness that results. There are bright, chilly (not aldehydic-sharp) notes of pine, sweeter notes of black spruce, and deeper woodsy elements that ground the whole thing. It’s hard to say what’s so perfect about this, or what makes it so realistic, but I think the delicate sugariness that accompanies the pine helps to temper any ‘air freshener’ impression you might otherwise get from an evergreen scent. Little else to say about this – not gourmand, not synthetic smelling, not anything else but distilled forest goodness. Less cold than Frost Quake, lighter and less sharp/medicinal than Forest Witch. HIGHLY recommend if you’re in the market for a forest scent.

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