Vampire’s Garden

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: For vampires and other dark souls addicted to topsoil, the sweetly herbaceous scent of freshly turned earth, blood oranges and staked tomato vines under a midnight sky.

4 thoughts on “Vampire’s Garden”

  1. Spicy tomato vine and orange. I don’t really get the dank smell of fresh earth. Very herbaceous, comparable to Haus of Gloi’s Insalata Nocturna but darker, less sweet, and spicier. Sillage is medium, longevity is low.

  2. One of the most realistic tomato vine scents in my collection! Mostly spicy tomato vines with a hint of turned earth, adding to the effect of standing within a shaded garden. Soil notes can go dank and overwhelming on me, but it’s understated here, allowing the pepperiness of the tomato leaf to shine through. Although the tomato + earth combination does make this scent fairly realistic, the brightness from the orange comes in later in the drydown and it a little more day-to-day wearable. Overall it’s bright, green, herbaceous, and a little wet-smelling – perfect for lovers of the tomato leaf note.

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