Gatherer’s Garden

Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

If you wanna be amazin’, see the flowers we are raisin’! A hothouse garden of heady tuberose, rose, heliotrope, and carnation flowers with a hint of cool citrusy basil. Smart daddies get spliced at the Garden!

Notes: tuberose, rose, heliotrope, carnation, mint, basil, lime

Released: Bioshock Collection

3 thoughts on “Gatherer’s Garden”

  1. So clean, in the vein of Hexennacht’s Laundromat, which I love! I can’t individually pick out the mint or basil, it all combines to create a floral, lightly citrus, warm effervescent effect. I know the Gatherer’s Garden isn’t literally a garden, but if it was, it’d be the most heavenly greenhouse to sit in and huff.

  2. A refreshingly light floral and green scent that got more floral-dominant (particularly rose) once applied. As it dried the herbs became more dominant with a hint of the lime note coming through.

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