Ashes Decants Promo

Guess what everyone? A long awaited day has finally come! I am so, so, excited to announce an awesome new promotion between the wonderful Ashes Decants and Indie Scent Library. Are you hyped yet? Check out the details below. If you have any questions Ashleigh or myself (Kara) would be happy to answer!


All Ashes Decants orders will be eligible to earn discounts. 

Discounts will be earned and applied at a 1:1 ratio. 

For each scent you purchase through Ashes Decants, you will receive a discount if you leave a review of that scent on Indie Scent Library. The review does NOT have to be positive.  

Be sure to include the this disclaimer at the bottom of your review: “Review posted as part of the Ashes Decants promotion. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.”  

To make it easier for Ashes Decants to identify who has earned a discount, use your PayPal email when leaving a review on Indie Scent Library. 

 For each review of a scent purchased through Ashes Decants, you will earn 10% off one scent on your next Ashes Decants order. 

To redeem discounts, request it on the order notes. 

This will be an ongoing promotion for the foreseeable future.