Frosted Marshmallow

Brand: Astrid Perfume

Scent Description: Marshmallow blended my Frost accord, which is a delicate breathy note of confectioner’s sugar and light peppermint. My goal for these single notes was to truly create an aspect of iridescent frost over the main note, not something hard and icy.

Released: Frosted Single Notes

1 thought on “Frosted Marshmallow”

  1. The mint reads more like spearmint to me, not such a candy cane peppermint, just very fresh. But not obnoxious breath mint territory either. It’s like when you’re at a party and it’s hot and stuffy and you open the front door and just get a big whiff of cool, fresh, sweet air. Like that, but with marshmallows. Throw is not tremendous but 14 hours later I’m still catching occasional whiffs.

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