Brand: Black Baccara

Scent Description: This enchanting blend will lead you down a path to a magical garden at dusk filled with rich summer fruits and haunting florals. Here, hummingbirds float above the most fragrant night-blooming tuberose as the faint nostalgic scents of a distant carnival periodically make their way into the garden. This blend opens with bananas ensconced in burnt caramel, grapefruit, and juicy oranges set against a backdrop of fragrant billowing tuberose. A touch of cardamom and a hint of carnival winds add nostalgic mystery to this blend, which settles down to a soft tuberose kissed with fruit phantoms.

Released: Summer 2019

1 thought on “Hummingbirds”

  1. I primarily get the tuberose and juicy orange.its a pretty darn realistic orange too as I can smell the rind along with the fruit. Not getting any banana, caramel or grapefruit at all. Beautiful tropical perfume. Would wear this going to a white sand beach.

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