Mother Medusa

Brand: Black Baccara

Scent Description: An ode to Medusa, this dark and haunting blend will transport you to the gorgon’s lair, where earth and electricity clash in a blend which evokes the serpent haired goddess, often referred to as a monster. This blend begins with the ominous aroma of charred tree bark after an electrical storm, static electricity hovering over wood remnants and sea-soaked rocks. Earthy elements of oud, soil, and wet leaves set an earthy base that weaves in and out of this unique non-linear blend. Iron and dark sparks fade to a soft, woodsy, pepper tinged amber with a quiet longevity that lingers close to the skin. Fans of Plague Mass, Seance, and Undead may enjoy this blend, because though it contains different notes, it is similarly evocative of a dark and powerful mood.

Released: Summer 2019

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