Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description: Three golden ambers, bright musk, peach wine and myrtle.

Released: Excolo

2 thoughts on “Aglaea”

  1. Lightly sweet, fruity, graceful, and chic. Peach, golden amber, soft white musk, and a hint of white wine. At first, the peach is syrupy, but after a short while it becomes more of a fresh peach (but still sweet). Like attending an elegant outdoor dinner party at a Georgia peach plantation. I love this, but I already have several peach scents (including a couple – BPAL Fae, BPAL Tamora, and Arcana Little Man in the Boat – that I prefer over this), so it’s not quite a must have for me.

    Love and recommend to those who enjoy elegant fruity scents.

  2. Wet: Sweet peach in syrup.

    Dry: Sweet peach, now more of a fresh peach rather than peach in syrup. Its a rather bright peach scent, light and fruity. After about three hours the peach takes a backseat and the amber becomes more noticeable. Its still sweet, but not as fruity.

    Aglaea is, when the peach is dominating, very much a realistic fruit scent. While wet its peach in syrup, as dry more of a fresh peach. The musk helps soften it a bit but it keeps as a very bright scent.

    Makes me think of: Bright peaches, sweet peach drinks.

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