Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description: Curiouser and curiouser. Milk and honey with rose, carnation and bergamot.

Released: Mad Tea Party

2 thoughts on “Alice”

  1. Lightly sweet, creamy, and softly spicy. Honey, golden amber, spicy carnation, bergamot, and soft red rose. There is also something sweet and creamy in here, but nothing that reminds me of an actual milk note. The honey is sweet, smooth, and a touch creamy (missing that slight tang that a lot of honey notes have). Though it’s not listed in the notes, I smell something like golden amber… only with an airy/hazy quality. I like this, but the carnation is a tad too prominent for me.

    Like and recommend to those who enjoy honeyed carnation scents.

  2. On my skin, this is very much spicy carnation with a honey bun aspect. There is a pink, girlish baby-doll head rose in there (softened by the milk likely, no sour notes at all) but no plastic. I don’t get much bergamot, but likely it’s what cuts the spiciness.

    A hot, sugary scent, much carnation. It’s nice, but you have to like carnation!

    Sillage/longevity: high

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