The Ifrit

Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description:

The taxi driver comes out of the shower, wet, with a towel wrapped around his midsection. He is not wearing his sunglasses, and in the dim room his eyes burn with scarlet flames.

Salim blinks back tears. “I wish you could see what I see,” he says.

“I do not grant wishes,” whispers the ifrit, dropping his towel and pushing Salim gently, but irresistibly, down onto the bed.

Desert sand, red musk, blackened ginger, dragon’s blood resin, black pepper, cinnamon, and tobacco.

Released: American Gods

1 thought on “The Ifrit”

  1. The scent description makes this sound like The Ifrit should be a harsh, dry, spicy scent, but I get no ginger or cinnamon at all from it. On me, this scent is all perfume-y red musk and floral dragon’s blood (the kind that smells almost lilac-y). It starts out a heavy, feminine, floral musk, then gradually lightens and sweetens over time until it becomes a lovely, sweetened floral musk reminiscent of lilac. Then the late drydown is all perfume-y baby powder. If this is supposed to be a sexy demon taxi driver, then he wears frilly lingerie and girly perfume.

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