Brown Jenkin

Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description:

The yellowed country records containing her testimony and that of her accusers were so damnably suggestive of things beyond human experience – and the descriptions of the darting little furry object which served as her familiar were so painfully realistic despite their incredible details.

That object – no larger than a good-sized rat and quaintly called by the townspeople “Brown Jenkin – seemed to have been the fruit of a remarkable case of sympathetic herd-delusion, for in 1692 no less than eleven persons had testified to glimpsing it. There were recent rumours, too, with a baffling and disconcerting amount of agreement. Witnesses said it had long hair and the shape of a rat, but that its sharp-toothed, bearded face was evilly human while its paws were like tiny human hands. It took messages betwixt old Keziah and the devil, and was nursed on the witch’s blood, which it sucked like a vampire. Its voice was a kind of loathsome titter, and it could speak all languages. Of all the bizarre monstrosities in Gilman’s dreams, nothing filled him with greater panic and nausea than this blasphemous and diminutive hybrid, whose image flitted across his vision in a form a thousandfold more hateful than anything his waking mind had deduced from the ancient records and the modern whispers.

A small, furry, sharp-toothed scent that will nuzzle you curiously in the black hours before dawn: dusty white sandalwood and orris root, dry coconut husk, creeping musk, and the residue of ceremonial incense.

Released: A Picnic in Arkham

2 thoughts on “Brown Jenkin”

  1. This is my holy grail indie scent and absolutely my favorite from bpal. It’s expertly blended ssoft fuzzy brown musk incens. Every time I wear it I get stopped and asked what I’m wearing or someone in the room will say out loud what smells so good? It’s like nothing else I have ever experienced. Just pure comfort and warm. It has a definite dry quality there’s nothing sweet about it, I find it sophisticated.

  2. A comforting, fuzzy mix of sandalwood and coconut husk with touches of orris root. I’ve tried both older and newer samples, and don’t ever get much musk or incense specifically, but I suspect they add to the overall brown-fuzzy-warm quality of it. It smells a lot like petting a dog feels!

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