Becoming Thunder

Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description:

“You got to understand the god thing. It’s not magic. It’s about being you, but the you that people believe in. It’s about being the concentrated, magnified, essence of you. It’s about becoming thunder, or the power of a running horse, or wisdom. You take all the belief and become bigger, cooler, more than human. You crystallize.”

This is the scent of the absolute: this is the perfected manifestation of the absolute essence of not who you are, but what you represent to others. This is You as Symbol, your spirit separated and combined, distilled and condensed into one archetype. Skin musk and 20-year aged frankincense, a sprig of asphodel, a splash of soma, a lightning-streak of sharp ozone, and a stream of ambrosia.

Released: American Gods II

1 thought on “Becoming Thunder”

  1. I wanted to like this… I saw how many people loved this on the bpal forum. This ended up being a pretty soapy aquatic scent. It just smelled like laundry detergent on me.

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