The Best Lies

Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description:

“Such a pity,” Zorya Vechernyaya told Shadow. “In my fortune for you, I should have said you would have a long life and a happy one, with many children.”

“That is why you are a good fortune-teller,” said Zorya Utrennyaya. She looked sleepy, as if it were an effort for her to be up so late. “You tell the best lies.”

The melodious sweetness of false fortunes: sugar-swept honey and rose.

Released: American Gods II

2 thoughts on “The Best Lies”

  1. I’m a big fan of BPAL rose…and I genuinely find them all to be very different! The flavor of The Best Lies:

    Very sweet honey rose. Not as thick and brown of a honey as in Hedylogos, because the sugar lightens it up. Is pink scented in nature. Not as hard texture-crystal-sugared as in Hope. A surprise love for me, even with as many rose scents that I own!!!! Love it when I have a sweet tooth!

    Sillage/longevity: medium to high

  2. A very sweet candy floss/white musk sugar-syrup rose. Like fancy rosewater marshmallows dusted with cool powdered sugar, with a puffy/pillow-y cloud of cool white musk around them and a pile of rose-flavored cotton candy on top. I like sweet scents and gourmands, but this almost borders on too sweet/strong for me. It also lasts and lasts – unlike a lot of oil-based scents, this one sticks around on me throughout an entire 8-hour work day.

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