Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description: It’s always a bit weird with family. A scant two-hundred years old, there doesn’t seem to be anything that roots Ava to her past. Her scent is utterly contemporary, and, like her personality, it is impulsive, capricious, and dangerous. Voluptuous and brittle, lovely and toxic:  sheer vanilla musk with tuberose, red mandarin, and the sweet poison of white almond.

Released: Only Lovers Left Alive

1 thought on “Ava”

  1. A lightly sweet mainstream-like perfume…. drowned underneath nail polish remover. Possibly the worst perfume I’ve ever smelled. I believe it’s my nose (as opposed to my skin chemistry) because it smells the same to me in the bottle as it does on my skin. Also, my SO sniffed my wrist and said it smelled light and sweet to him.

    HELLL NO!!! Based on how it smells to me, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone for any reason. However, going by other reviews, I don’t think most people smell what I do.

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