King Cobra

Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description: Snake Oil with orris, white frankincense, and black copal.

Released: Carnaval Diabolique

1 thought on “King Cobra”

  1. I was concerned with the powderiness of KC at first. It goes on smelling like old fashioned makeup. Not a fan. But give it some time and it gets out if it’s funk and gives you a surprisingly elegant perfume. It’s along similar lines as Guerlain Shalimar, Alkemia Vamp, and NAVA Phantasm Kiss. The common theme among these is dry vanilla and smokey incense, but done in such as way that you don’t smell like typical headshop or temple incense- you smell sophisticated, and maybe a bit aloof. And yes, maybe a bit more mature, but not in an old lady way. Unless you think stuff like classic Guerlain is old lady-ish. Then you may have issues with it.

    King Cobra’s drydown is beautiful. Dry, shimmering, and slightly acrid frankincense is the first to make it’s presence known, followed with a hint of smokey copal. It retains some of it’s initial powderiness, but it’s not baby powder and it’s not overwhelming. It’s a beautifully silky orris. The SO is fairly quiet, but contributes some sweetness and ambery warmth. Like the three other perfumes I mentioned above, I am cautious wearing this one out sometimes because regular people just don’t get perfume the same way we do. I think it’s harder for them to appreciate these kinds of scents since the current trends in perfume (among my age group, young to young-ish adults) are usually clean, foodie, fruity floral, or some other unoffensive combination of those.

    That was this close to turning into a rant about perfume trends. The short version is: Nice perfume. But not typical perfume, and also not even a typical incense scent. It is an incense perfume. Very polished.

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