Western Diamondback

Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description: Snake Oil with leather, tonka bean, red sandalwood, and sage.

Released: Carnaval Diabolique

1 thought on “Western Diamondback”

  1. I get a soft SO base with smooth and sweet tonka accented with mild and simple sandalwood. The leather here is not sharp “new purse” but it’s also not rugged and masculine. It is comforting and well-worn but clean, about halfway between those descriptions. It’s never sharp or stinky and does not overwhelm the other notes. I like this setup, but to be honest, it not really a standout.

    Where WD one really shines is with the pop of herbal sage. Though I don’t like herbs in my perfumes, since green stuff does not usually work for me, the sage here elevates WD and gives it a unique complexity. It is dry and slightly powdery and helps keep the heavier notes from being overwhelming. I love the rough texture it adds since all of the other notes are fairly tame. It’s not super strong- just enough to be obvious without making the scent too green, light, or feminine. Along the drydown, all of the notes meld together, and I get a warm scent that is very close in feeling to skin-but-better without being a musk perfume. Overall, WD is a very pleasant, totally unisex perfume. It is surprisingly wearable! I kind of wish it were more aggressive, just because actual diamondbacks are super cool menacing predators, but that is just a nitpick!

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